Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Linna's first music class in singapore.

This week, Linna and I attended her first music class in Singapore at Our Music Studio, located at the Tanglin Mall (in the middle of the city). They offer music classes for children age 0-6 years. We had to take a cab to the class, because there's no way I'm going to figure out how to get our stroller and Linna on a bus by myself. The cab ride was about 10 minutes from our apartment, and it was the first cab I got all by myself:) It's still so weird not having Linna in a car seat when we go places, but I'm slowly getting used to it.

The teacher trying to get Linna to join in the fun.

Teaching the kids about vibration.

When we first arrived at the music studio, the lady at the front desk checked us in, and scanned our heads with this little electronic device. When I asked what it was, she said it is used to check our body temperature. How impressive! In Singapore, they really take measures seriously when keeping people healthy, and not allowing sick children into the classroom. I wish they did this at our classes in Minnesota!

The music class was led by one female teacher, and it lasted 45 minutes. There were about eight other babies in our class (age 6 months - 1.5 years), and they were (originally) from all over the world. Some babies were walking, and others were just starting to crawl. Some were with a nanny, and some were with their moms. But all of the babies loved the music!

We used our bodies as instruments, and we also danced and sang songs. I knew a couple of the songs ("You Are My Sunshine" and "If All The Raindrops Were Lemon Drops & Gum Drops"), and everything was sang and spoken in English. The kids got to use ribbons and instruments, such as drums and sandpaper blocks to keep the beat of the music.
Playing with ribbon.
So into the sandpaper blocks.
The teacher worked each one of the children's names into the "hello" and "goodbye" songs that we sang, which is one of Linna's favorite things. I really enjoyed having Linna in a group of kids her own age, because we don't have a group of "friends" here yet like we do at home. Linna kept her distance and stayed close to mama at first, but then she warmed up and was playing with the other kids. Normally, Linna is right in the mix at our classes in Minnesota, but she was kind of an observer at this class.
Drum master.
Kids drumming.
The teacher also brought out a parachute, which is one of the things we've played with before at her class at The Little Gym in Minnesota. Toward the end of class, the teacher turned down the lights and passed out glasses of warm water to the adults. I'm not sure what the purpose of the water is, but Linna enjoyed drinking out of the cup and drooling it all over herself:)
At the end of class, the teacher pulled out 10-12 drums for the kids. Linna loved banging on the drums! The class was singing Linna's name (during the "goodbye" song) and I think Linna got so excited, that she had a little stumble with her drum, which caused a meltdown (see video below). What better way to end a fun class, right?! We can't wait until our next class on Wednesday!


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