Sunday, August 26, 2012

Learning new things in singapore.

Even when we're just hanging out at "home" in Singapore, Linna is having fun and learning new things. The other day, I took out this caterpillar-book toy that Linna got for her birthday, and she could literally play with it for hours. She just presses the caterpillar's nose, and dances to the music. I think she has some wicked dance moves, and must get them from her mama;)

She's also learned to make the noises that a puppy, cow, and duck say. When we go on a walk in the morning, we work on these noises, and the locals probably think I'm crazy making all these weird noises! Sorry the video is so blurry, but I'm just learning how to focus the video on our Canon camera (I'm used to shooting on my iPhone).
Linna is also learning how to be a good little helper. If I ever need someone to find my shoes for me and put them on my feet, I know who to ask;)


  1. uh Missi, that's not dancing... that's DROPPING it like it's hot.

  2. I love the dance moves! All I could thing about was that Black Eyed Peas song: "Whatch gunna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk." She is such a cutie and looks like she is getting along well while on your adventure!

  3. Julie, I love you:) Shelby, I thought the same thing! Or, the "drop it like it's hot" song. She gets her moves from her mama;)